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Fischer's Fritz 


In response to their preferences and needs, we give our customers a tour of a first selection of suitable apartments or houses, showing to and discussing with them the various advantages and disadvantages. If we don’t find the right property the first time around, we will assess new candidates and arrange for another tour.


Our personal assistance and years of experience of feeling at home will help you make the right decisions. Our committed approach and close relations within the real estate business stand us in very good stead, in addition to providing our customers with many benefits. 


Once this first step has been successfully concluded, we will provide all the assistance you may need in connection with your relocation.


  • Negotiating a lease 

  • Information on lease, right of termination, rental deposit payment

  • Application procedure and assistance at immigration offices

  • Opening a bank account- Procuring health and private insurance

  • Applying for a telephone line, Internet connection, utility services

  • Vehicle registration, driver’s licence, insurance support

  • Public transport support

  • International and bilingual school offers

  • Public school offers at the place of residence

  • Welcoming tour of the new place of residence 

  • You will find answers to all your family and leisure needs and questions  aFamily life


We offer you packages tailored to the most diverse needs.

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