Museum Rietberg


feeling at home runs successful operations in the metropolitan area of Zurich and in the cantons of Zug and Schwyz. 


We will show you the advantages of the various locations and evaluate your new place of residence, always taking into account the needs of your family members. 


Thanks to the expansion of the highway network, the regions of Zurich and Zug, 

as well as the canton of Schwyz, have grown closer together. Zurich airport can now be reached within 45 minutes from most locations.



We will advise you on location issues and provide you with valuable background information that you may not have been aware of at first glance. 


Through exchanging information with professional providers and maintaining direct and personal contact with real estate owners we create a business network and give you a head start with information that often leads to your desired property. 


Reliable information on previous renters and the development potential of an area will provide you with additional insight into the quality of a location. 


feeling at home gives you the information that will benefit you.